Compat/Optim incremental compilation broken

When precompiling a package, the following error is shown:

[ Info: Precompiling CollegeStrat [17dbbba3-c303-53a0-b454-635a51d7dd41]
WARNING: Method definition dot(Any, Any, Any) in module Compat at /Users/lutz/.julia/packages/Compat/if8Gv/src/Compat.jl:111 overwritten in module Optim at /Users/lutz/.julia/packages/Optim/SFpsz/src/multivariate/precon.jl:24.
  ** incremental compilation may be fatally broken for this module **

This is using Julia 1.3.0, Compat 3.5.0, Optim v0.20.1 (MacOS).

The code runs, but it would be nice to fix the warning. Thank you.


There are already some pull request solving that problem,so probably in the next version it will be solved, I guess

Thank you - I looked through issues but could not find references.

I am seeing this warning today for the first time.
Julia 1.5.2
Optim 0.18.1
Linux Pop!_OS 20.04

Maybe try updating optim?

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