Communication between structures

Suppose I have two structures A and B. When I instantiate A it creates a bunch of arrays say a, b, and c that every instance of B needs to performe it’s calculations. Let x and y be instances of B. Then to calculate x+y the function function (+)(x::B,y::B) needs the values of a, b, and c. What is the most efficient way of getting these value accessed by function (+)(x::B,y::B)?

It seems the best way it to introduce a custom function plus(x::B, y::B, c::C) where C contains a, b, c needed for your calculation. You may also put C within every B and relly on the fact that it only stores a pointer and thus there are no redundant copies. In some scenarios it is possible to store additional common parameters within a type parameter, but since in your case a, b, c are vectors that does not seem wise as the Julia would need to recompile all methods for different C. Also it may be reasonable in your situation to use C as a global denoted with const.

Thank you. I think I will pass a structure containing all the arrays and other data of A every time I instantiate an instance of B. One of the arguments of the constructor of B will be A.

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