Combine `HTTP.Response` to `HTTP.Stream` handlers within one server in HTTP.jl

What is the replacement for HTTP.Handlers.StreamHandlerFunction in post 1.0 HTTP.jl package?
I have a server that handles requests, but with a single endpoint with streaming HTTP connection, in 0.9 I could just write the following to switch from HTTP.Response to HTTP.Stream:

function my_run(io::HTTP.Stream)
    write(io, "hello")
HTTP.@register(ROUTER, "GET", "/run", HTTP.StreamHandlerFunction(my_run))

In latest version I see just streamhandler that does the opposite: transforms HTTP.Response to HTTP.Stream.

UPD: Found an ugly solution - serve with stream flag set, make a router handler the first one in middleware sequence, and past the full sequence at every request endpoint, starting with streamhandler, like here:

HTTP.@register(ROUTER, "GET", "/another_function", another_function |> JSONMiddleware |> CorsMiddleware |> HTTP.streamhandler)

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