Coloring Graphs with Lightgraphs

Hi all,

i am writing a paper in college about optimization problems in Julia.
Regarding a network flow problem i would like to create a colored graph for visualization.
I managed to visualize the nodes and edges with the corresponding values using the Lightgraphs package but I am stucked at coloring the nodes. There are different stages in the network (production, further processing, logistics, market) and I would like to color each node depending on the stage of this node. Is there any possibility for doing so with Lightgraphs?
I found this topic( but no documentation on how to use this.

For any help I would be really grateful.

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If you’re using GraphPlot.jl, the option to color the nodes is nodefillc and nodestrokec (see for more details).

If you’re not using GraphPlot, what are you using?

Yes, i am using GraphPlot.
This is much easier than I thought, thank you very much!!

topic can be closed.

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