Colored STDOUT in Juno?

I see that the atom-ink console can colorize ANSI codes, but I can’t figure out what setting to use to get Julia to print in color. I’ve tried setting color=yes as an argument in the preferences, and also tried adding eval(Base, :(have_color=true)) to my .juliarc.jl, but neither seems to work.

If I manually run the eval line above in the console than it works, I just can’t get it to stick.

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For now you could just add as.push "--color=yes" line somewhere here. Do note that this will show ANSI codes in inline results etc (e.g. everything that is not STDOUT), which is why I haven’t enabled that option yet.

Long term we should probably have an option for specifiying startup parameters. Also, a console/terminal rework is planned which will most definitely support coloured outputs.


Great, thanks! Just wanted to make sure I’m not missing anything easy.