"Codon: A high-performance, zero-overhead, extensible Python compiler using LLVM"



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Data types

  • Integers: Codon’s int is a 64-bit signed integer, whereas Python’s (after version 3) can be arbitrarily large. However Codon does support larger integers via Int[N] where N is the bit width.

  • Strings: Codon currently uses ASCII strings unlike Python’s unicode strings.

  • Dictionaries: Codon’s dictionary type does not preserve insertion order, unlike Python’s as of 3.6.

  • ASCII only?

Is Codon free?

Codon is and always will be free for non-production use. That means you can use Codon freely for personal, academic, or other non-commercial applications.

Is Codon open source?

Codon is licensed under the Business Source License (BSL), which means its source code is publicly available and it’s free for non-production use. The BSL is technically not an “open source” license, although in many circumstances you can still treat Codon as you would any other open source project. Importantly, as per the BSL, each version of Codon converts to an actual open source license (specifically, Apache) after 3 years.

  • Maybe need to wait another 3 years

I see it as a tip of the hat to Julia.