@code_warntype all types are red in vsocde

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if this is a bug with the vs code extension…
In here Performance Tips · The Julia Language
it says

The most important characteristic of @code_warntype is that non-concrete types are displayed in red

So I put this code in its own file

using InteractiveUtils

struct MyType
@code_warntype MyType(1)

I get this:

MethodInstance for MyType(::Int64)
  from MyType(x::Int64) in Main at /home/me/test.jl:4
1 ─ %1 = %new(Main.MyType, x)::MyType
└──      return %1

However, when running frome either the comannd line, or the native REPL, all types are blue. When running from the VS code repl, all types are red. In fact, it looks like in vs code all types are always red in @code_warntype no matter what I apply that macro to.