Code organization of a project with multiple simultaneously developed packages


I’m developing a project that consists of multiple packages and some code that uses those packages.
The packages will not be published in the Julia registry as it is a purely personal / learning project.

Is there some recommended way how to set this up in the filesystem using a single git repository?

For example, would this structure work:

|- libA/
|  |- src/
|  |   |- libA.jl
|  |- Project.toml
|  |- Manifest.toml
|- libB/
|  |- src/
|  |   |- libB.jl
|  |- Project.toml
|  |- Manifest.toml
|- src/
|    |- main.jl
|- Project.toml
|- Manifest.toml

where libA and libB are imported into myproject via Pkg.develop()? Or is it common to put libA and libB into a deps/ or libs/ folder within myproject/?

A libs directory might be more “conventional”. Some packages like Makie.jl have a layout as you suggest: