Cmdline option/shortcut for activate --temp?

Do we have a command line option to start julia with a temporary environment, instead of having to manually ] activate --temp? I imagine something like julia --project=@temp. If not, what do you think, should we add something like this?


You can use julia --project=$(mktemp -d).


That’s pretty good, thanks. I guess this won’t work on Windows, will it? Also, it might be somewhat annoying to type compared to what I suggested above.

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I agree with crstnbr, it sounds like it would be pretty handy.

If this is something you almost always do, you could add using Pkg; Pkg.activate(temp=true) to startup.jl which will make the julia command automatically activate a temporary environment. If you want to go back, there is still always ]activate.

alias juliatemp='julia --eval "using Pkg;Pkg.activate(;temp=true)" -i'

(But I’d be happier with a julia --temp)