CI/CD without

I followed a little bit the topic of moving CI to github actions, but couldn’t really get the conclusion how to do this for packages in general.

Afaics github is providing resources for runners and some infrastructure for github-Free for OSS.

So, just move there with registered packages, or find something else?

Most people are probably moving to GH actions. You can simply copy someone’s workflow file into your repo and you’ll be up an running. Here’s an example

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I see (and that was my plan anyway). But how about MacOS, Windows and flavours of linux? And as github is now owned by MS, any hints about?

Here’s an example that tests multiple OS’s


Has anyone understood, how resource usage (runners + minutes + concurrent jobs) is accounted in github-Free (and how for organizations?)?

The actions minutes per month are free for public repositories, according to, and I believe that holds for organizations too but am not sure.

GitHub was acquired by Microsoft in 2018. Is this question about how bad it is that your CI will be dependent on Microsoft?

20 concurrent jobs per user/organisation on the free plan, unlimited minutes for public repositories

So, the 14 tests on JuliaGraphics/Cairo blocks already major resources for the whole org? Is this queued then?

Currently Cairo CI runs 6 jobs on Travis out of the 5 concurrent jobs available for the whole organisation, so I’m not sure what’s your concern with using 14 concurrent jobs out of the 20 available on GitHub Actions. GitHub Actions also uses beefier machines, so jobs tend to be slightly faster than on Travis

There is a queue, yes, just like in Travis.