Choose your own adventure on steroid with multiple dispatch?

Let’s entertain an idea. What implication lies ahead is up to your interpretation.
Typically, choose-your-own-adventure authors are limited to about two options.

  1. Branches the storyline, and overwhelm yourself with works.
  2. Having a bunch of flags, to kinda emulate 1.

Or you could try extra clunky logic with if-else… etc… but Julia accidentally gave you the new option. Now, note that this might not be type-stable, but a book doesn’t need much performance anyway.

Now, stories can dispatch to functions, which dispatch to their own functions, and so on…
The question remains… is multiple dispatch effective enough to do that?
So, my question is… is it possible to create branching storylines without overwhelming yourself with work using multiple dispatch? If so, what implication does it mean for the Julia programming in general?
Edit: I can already feel Julia crying in the corner as its users try to entertain an idea whether it can be used on such ridiculously unintended thing.