Change x axis from integer-scale to pi-scale

I want to know what is the general (can be used for backend Plotly,GR,Makie,PlotlyJS) / easiest way to change the scale from standard integer:

to pi-scale: -π/2. -π/4, 0,…,π/4,π/2,π,3π/2,2π

this is my code:

using Plots, LaTeXStrings

f(x) = sin.(1/x)
#f(x) = (x^3 - 1) / (x-1)

annotate!([(30.3,23.3, ("x", 10, :black)), 
           (3.03,933.07, ("y", 10, :black))])

println("x \t sin 1/πx")

for N in 1:10:550
    g = sin.(1 / (pi*N))
    println("$N \t $g ")

plot(f,-10,10, label=L"\sin \frac{1}{x}", legend=:outertop)
plot!([0], seriestype="vline", color=:green, label="")
plot!([0], seriestype="hline", color=:green, label="")

Linking for example one solution by @genkuroki from this other thread.