Ccall() and libc on Linux

Trying to use ccall() to call a function from libc and julia only finds the GNU ld script in /usr/lib64/, not the actual library which is located in /lib64/

Can julia be told to parse the GNU ld script or is there a way I can explicitly tell ccall() to use /lib64/

I’m hoping I simply missed the relevant bits of documentation and someone can point me at them.

I just figured out I can open the library from an explicit location using Libdl. Suboptimal, but works in the short-term.

It would be nice to have Libdl eventually become capable of parsing GNU ld scripts for locations of the binary libraries. A project for another time, perhaps.

Julia is already linked to libc, so you shouldn’t need to specify the library to ccall at all.

Doh! That works fine! Thanks!