Case Study: Percolation

I was wondering if somebody could give me a quick summary of the current Julia ecosystem when it comes to percolation theory? I more or less tried to re-implement this Princeton University programming project
but I would really like a bit more (beyond simple curiosity). I did notice two packages. The first one appears to be abandoned

  1. Percolation.jl
  2. Judycon.jl
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Iā€™m not aware of any code for percolation in Julia. It might be possible and useful to make some reusable tools. One distinction to make is between tools for teaching and visualizing on the one hand, and on the other hand tools for making state-of-the-art estimates of critical exponents and percolation thresholds. I think interesting things could be done on both of these. The last time I worked on this stuff, Julia did not yet exist.

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