CartesianRange Julia 1.0

I’ve been reading through the julia doc which has the following link to Multidimensional algorithms and iteration:

It references the use of CartesianRange which is Undefined in Julia 1.0. Has CartesianRange been removed from Julia 1.0 and if so, is there any current version of the documentation provided in the blog post?

According to the Julia v1.0.0 Release Notes

CartesianRange has been renamed CartesianIndices (#24715).

Yes. Thanks jandehaan,

CartesianRange has indeed been renamed to CartesianIndices. Thanks, I am assuming that functionality stays the same.

The latest release notes describe the following:

CartesianIndices can now be constructed from two CartesianIndexes I and J with I:J (#29440).
CartesianIndices support broadcasting arithmetic (+ and -) with a CartesianIndex (#29890).
one(i::CartesianIndex) should be replaced with oneunit(i::CartesianIndex) (#29442).
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