Can't seem to set up CuArrays on anymore

I have been trying to load CuArrays.jl but I can’t seem to work out how to do it.

using CuArrays gives error

ERROR: LoadError: CUDAdrv.jl has not been built, please run“CUDAdrv”)

but running"CUDAdrv") gives error

Building CUDAdrv → ~/.julia/packages/CUDAdrv/LC5XS/deps/build.log
┌ Error: Error building CUDAdrv:
│ [ Info: JuliaBox Pkg Manager !!!
│ ERROR: LoadError: ArgumentError: Package REPL not found in current path:
│ - Run Pkg.add("REPL") to install the REPL package.

I have tried Pkg.rm those two affected packages and reinstalling, but nothing seems to work at the moment. I believe CuArrays.jl was working before and I am pretty sure I pressed “Launch GPU instance”.

It is possible that previously added packages are interfering with CuArrays installation. Can you please deleted added packages and try again? See here for how to reset packages.

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Still running into the same issues after removing all installed packages, and restarting the kernel.

After logging out and cleaning all the packages again. It now seems to be working.

Actually I went into the sheet again. Now it’s failing again when loading CuArrays. It was working just then.

┌ Info: Recompiling stale cache file /mnt/juliabox/.julia/compiled/v1.0/CuArrays/7YFE0.ji for CuArrays [3a865a2d-5b23-5a0f-bc46-62713ec82fae]
└ @ Base loading.jl:1184
ERROR: LoadError: CUDAdrv.jl has not been built, please run“CUDAdrv”).
[1] error(::String) at ./