Can't load sqlite table to dataframe

My code

conn = SQLite.DB(dbn)
query = "SELECT * FROM $(tn)"
r = SQLite.execute(conn, query)
df = DataFrame(r)

Getting error
ArgumentError: ‘Int32’ iterates ‘Int32’ values, which doesn’t satisfy the Tables.jl AbstractRow interface

Table is exists and created with

	"Ts"	text,
	"PosId"	string,
	"Op"	string,
	"Price"	float,
	"Volume"	float,
	"Balance"	float,

SQLite.DBInterface.execute… instead of SQLite.execute works, but it is very confusing

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Sorry about this; we have an open issue to remove/rename SQLite.execute, but as a general note, the DBInterface.jl functions should be preferred for general querying/database management.