Can't install plot?

I wanted to do a little code in julia and using plot, so I watched the doc to install it and did what it was said. But when I put :
my command line say :
syntax error near unexpected token `“Plots”'.
Can somebody help me please ?

"Plots" (not your citation markers)

Could you copy/paste exactly what you did in a fresh Julia session to get to that error? Initially I had the same thought as Paul but the wrong quotes give a different error:

julia> Pkg.add(“Plots”)
ERROR: syntax: invalid character "“" near column 9

This works for me as expected:

julia> import Pkg

julia> Pkg.add("Plots")

Please ensure to enclose your code in triple backticks ``` to ensure we see exactly the characters you entered.

I am sorry guys, I am just stupid, I didn’t launch the julia environment, so that’s my bad, now it’s working