Can't install Julia on work PC. No Github access or General Registry. Solutions?

I love using Julia and want to use it on work. But my company blocks access to most Github repositories. Moreover, when I install Julia, I do not even get the general registry - probably some other website blocked. And even if I did, I can’t be sure Julia would succeed in cloning the Github repositories of all the packages I need.

So, before giving up and asking them to buy me a MatLab license, two questions:

  1. Is there a “MatLab license” equivalent to Julia? That is, some paid IDE service that comes with some pre-built packages? Remember: I can’t get them from Github!
  2. If not, is there a way to copy and paste the packages’ folders from my laptop to the work PC and install them? A short guide would be very useful!!

Thank you so much. And if this is something trivial, I am really sorry!

There was some work detailed here on a portable Julia but IIRC it requires internet access

Could you possibly download libraries at home and then basically carry the .julia folder around?

I don’t know. Could I??

I mean of course I can, but would Julia work as usual on the new PC??

True, the initial install needs access to the general registry. But one could init the env on one machine, and then copy the whole thing (Julia, depot, accessories) to a machine w/o internet access. I haven’t actually tested this though.

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If you are on a corporate PC, I’m taking a guess you use windows. You can try Juliawin: GitHub - heetbeet/juliawin: A Julia-installer for Windows platform, including top packages, Juno and Jupyter

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