Can't get CSV package working in 1.6.2

After standard installation of 1.6.2 on Ubuntu 20,
I tried adding and (later) building the CSV package. Each ran OK but failed on invocations of ‘using’.

using CSV

\u250c Info: Precompiling CSV [336ed68f-0bac-5ca0-87d4-7b16caf5d00b]
\u2514 @ Base loading.jl:1342
ERROR: LoadError: LoadError: TypeError: in Type{...} expression, expected UnionAll, got Type{Parsers.Options}
  [1] top-level scope
    @ ~/.julia/packages/CSV/Zl2ww/src/detection.jl:164
  [2] include(mod::Module, _path::String)
    @ Base ./Base.jl:386
  [3] include(x::String)
    @ CSV ~/.julia/packages/CSV/Zl2ww/src/CSV.jl:1
  [4] top-level scope
    @ ~/.julia/packages/CSV/Zl2ww/src/CSV.jl:27
  [5] include
    @ ./Base.jl:386 [inlined]
  [6] include_package_for_output(pkg::Base.PkgId, input::String, depot_path::Vector{String}, dl_load_path::Vector{String}, load_path::Vector{String}, concrete_deps::Vector{Pair{Base.PkgId, UInt64}}, source::Nothing)
    @ Base ./loading.jl:1235
  [7] top-level scope
    @ none:1
  [8] eval
    @ ./boot.jl:360 [inlined]
  [9] eval(x::Expr)
    @ Base.MainInclude ./client.jl:446
 [10] top-level scope
    @ none:1
in expression starting at /home/davide/.julia/packages/CSV/Zl2ww/src/detection.jl:164
in expression starting at /home/davide/.julia/packages/CSV/Zl2ww/src/CSV.jl:1

Failed to precompile CSV [336ed68f-0bac-5ca0-87d4-7b16caf5d00b] to /home/davide/.julia/compiled/v1.6/CSV/jl_JP0ySK.

 [1] error(s::String)
   @ Base ./error.jl:33
 [2] compilecache(pkg::Base.PkgId, path::String, internal_stderr::IJulia.IJuliaStdio{Base.PipeEndpoint}, internal_stdout::IJulia.IJuliaStdio{Base.PipeEndpoint}, ignore_loaded_modules::Bool)
   @ Base ./loading.jl:1385
 [3] compilecache(pkg::Base.PkgId, path::String)
   @ Base ./loading.jl:1329
 [4] _require(pkg::Base.PkgId)
   @ Base ./loading.jl:1043
 [5] require(uuidkey::Base.PkgId)
   @ Base ./loading.jl:936
 [6] require(into::Module, mod::Symbol)
   @ Base ./loading.jl:923
 [7] eval
   @ ./boot.jl:360 [inlined]
 [8] include_string(mapexpr::typeof(REPL.softscope), mod::Module, code::String, filename::String)
   @ Base ./loading.jl:1116

I have been away for a while, but I would have hoped such a basic function would not be still failing on basic installation by now. Or maybe I have missed something?

Thanks for any help or guidance

This seems to be a new error and is active on another thread: