Can't compile DiffEqParamEstim

I can’t compile DiffEqParamEstim in my PC.
when I typed using DiffEqParamEsitm for the first time, I got

[ Info: Precompiling DiffEqParamEstim [1130ab10-4a5a-5621-a13d-e4788d82bd4c]
WARNING: could not import LearnBase.addgrad! into PenaltyFunctions
WARNING: could not import LearnBase.scaled into PenaltyFunctions

and then it was stuck.

I am using julia version 1.5.0

How can this be fixed?

What do you mean it was stuck? It looks like it’s just precompiling the whole software stack which, as a big chunk of software, might take a minute or a few.

I waited for like 10-15 mins.
Also, are the warnings harmful to hinder the working of the package?

Good to hear it finally compiled. However, in general, note that this is somewhat deprecated in favor of DiffEqFlux.jl:

Which is a much more powerful and flexible parameter estimation system, so I’d recommend moving to that. I’ll have to get the docs updated sometime.