Can't access some default units in Unitful.jl

I am trying to use Gauss units for magnetic field:

using Unitful

B = 1u"Gauss"

However, for some strange reason I get the error:

ERROR: LoadError: ArgumentError: Symbol Gauss could not be found in unit modules Module[Unitful]

This unit is defined in Unitful.jl: see this line in pkgdefaults.jl. So, what am I doing wrong?

Those units become available once you reach Level 2 usage or subscribe to the Premium tier.

No actually it just seems like somehow it isn’t registered. I found "Oe" and "Mx" suffer the same issue. Looks like those were added recently by

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Yes, those units were added recently and are only available on master, not yet in any released version.

Edit: I just created a PR to release a new Unitful version that will include the recently added Gauss units.

Thank you.