Cannot run Zygote in Julia

When I run using Zygote, it stuck at pre-compiling without any error msg.

Here is what shows in REPL.

(v1.3) pkg> add Zygote
Resolving package versions…
Installed CommonSubexpressions ─ v0.2.0
Installed MKL_jll ────────────── v2019.0.117+0
Installed NaNMath ────────────── v0.3.3
Installed OpenSpecFun_jll ────── v0.5.3+1
Installed ZygoteRules ────────── v0.2.0
Installed IntelOpenMP_jll ────── v2018.0.3+0
Installed ForwardDiff ────────── v0.10.8
Installed Zygote ─────────────── v0.4.3
Installed FFTW_jll ───────────── v3.3.9+3
Installed IRTools ────────────── v0.3.0
Installed DiffResults ────────── v1.0.2
Installed FFTW ───────────────── v1.2.0
Installed DiffRules ──────────── v1.0.0
Installed SpecialFunctions ───── v0.9.0
Installed StaticArrays ───────── v0.12.1
Installed FillArrays ─────────── v0.8.2
Installed AbstractFFTs ───────── v0.5.0
Installed NNlib ──────────────── v0.6.2
Updating C:\Users\USERNAME\.julia\environments\v1.3\Project.toml
[e88e6eb3] + Zygote v0.4.3
Updating C:\Users\USERNAME\.julia\environments\v1.3\Manifest.toml
[621f4979] + AbstractFFTs v0.5.0
[bbf7d656] + CommonSubexpressions v0.2.0
[163ba53b] + DiffResults v1.0.2
[b552c78f] + DiffRules v1.0.0
[7a1cc6ca] + FFTW v1.2.0
[f5851436] + FFTW_jll v3.3.9+3
[1a297f60] + FillArrays v0.8.2
[f6369f11] + ForwardDiff v0.10.8
[7869d1d1] + IRTools v0.3.0
[1d5cc7b8] + IntelOpenMP_jll v2018.0.3+0
[856f044c] + MKL_jll v2019.0.117+0
[872c559c] + NNlib v0.6.2
[77ba4419] + NaNMath v0.3.3
[efe28fd5] + OpenSpecFun_jll v0.5.3+1
[276daf66] + SpecialFunctions v0.9.0
[90137ffa] + StaticArrays v0.12.1
[e88e6eb3] + Zygote v0.4.3
[700de1a5] + ZygoteRules v0.2.0
Building FFTW ─→ C:\Users\USERNAME\.julia\packages\FFTW\qqcBj\deps\build.log
Building NNlib → C:\Users\USERNAME\.julia\packages\NNlib\udnNA\deps\build.log

[ Info: Precompiling Zygote [e88e6eb3-aa80-5325-afca-941959d7151f]

It may be just taking long to precompile everything. Check CPU activity for the julia process, and give it a few minutes.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, it takes a long time but finally ran through.