Cannot run ReinforcementLearning#master

Hi. Running pkg> add ReinforcementLearning works as it should. Then, I wanted to try download the latest master branch from the git repo, as it also looks that the docu Tutorial · ReinforcementLearning.jl is based on this last version (since it throws error because of ReinforcementLearning.jl/tabular_policy.jl at 98f5f20a8eaf51ea0ba1c9427bd19eb22c0ec655 · JuliaReinforcementLearning/ReinforcementLearning.jl · GitHub, which needs one more argument in the registry version).

The problem is, that saying pkg> add ReinforcementLearning#master does download the master branch, but it doesn’t update the rest of the packages (ReinforcementLearningBase, ReinforcementLearningCore, ReinforcementLearningEnvironments, ReinforcementLearningZoo).
So, in the end the error UndefKeywordError: keyword argument n_action not assigned is still thrown.

What I don’t understand is, why is the code 2 times downloaded when I execute the add method:
#---------- ~/.julia/packages/ ----------#

So the ./ReinforcementLearning{Base,Core,Enviroments,Zoo} packages are actually 2 times in my system. And when I download the master branch I have the updated ./ReinforcementLearning/*/ReinforcementLearning{Base,Core,Enviroments,Zoo} code but it looks that julia still references the code in the base directory ./ReinforcementLearning{Base,Core,Enviroments,Zoo} , which is the outdated.

Deleting the base directories ./ReinforcementLearning{Base,Core,Enviroments,Zoo} just throws a compilation error when using ReinforcementLearning

So, if the ./ReinforcementLearning/*/ReinforcementLearning{Base,Core,Enviroments,Zoo} are useless, then we even downloading them ?
And how can I download the updated ./ReinforcementLearning{Base,Core,Enviroments,Zoo} packages from the master branch?

Ofc copy pasting the contents of *./ReinforcementLearning/*/ReinforcementLearning{Base,Core,Enviroments,Zoo} to ~/.julia/packages/ didn’t work. Probably more information is needed like uuid or similar…

The question is not how to avoid the error, but how to download and get the master branch running…

Replied here

First, have you read Tips for Developers · ReinforcementLearning.jl?

In the latest stable release (and the master branch), we only have one folder. So there should only be one ReinforcementLearning in your ~/.julia/packages/. But in some cases, you might have installed an old version of ReinforcementLearning.jl, then you’ll see those other subpackages.

when add ReinforcementLearning#master is executed the Base,Core,Environments,Zoo packages are not updated:

You might try ]dev ReinforcementLearning instead based on the doc link above.

Let me know if you still have any questions.