Cannot change linestyle of line using attributes.linestyle in GLMakie

I want to change some attributes of lines that have already been drawn. I can change the color and line width by overwriting the values of line attributes.color and attributes.linewidth. However, I cannot change the line style by assigning a new value to line attributes.linestyle: whenever a new valid line style symbol is assigned, it throws the “ERROR: cannot convert a value to nothing for assignment”. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug, possibly related to the one I reported in an earlier post (Cannot set linestyle to :solid with observable using GLMakie)?

Here is code that illustrates the problem when running Julia v1.10.2 and GLMakie v0.9.9:

using GLMakie

f = Figure()
ax = Axis(f[1, 1])

l = lines!(ax, 1:100, rand(100), color=:blue, linewidth=1, linestyle=:solid)

l.attributes.linewidth = 3
l.attributes.color = :red
l.attributes.linestyle = :dash  # also throws an error when assigning :dot, :dashdot, :dashdotdot, but not when assigning :solid

I think fixing the other bug would probably also fix this one

Thank you for your feedback!