Cannot build Julia v0.6.1 on OSX 10.12.6



Hi All,

today I tried a fresh install with

git clone git://
cd julia
git checkout v0.6.1

ld: library not found for -lSystem
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make[4]: *** [testlsame] Error 1
make[3]: *** [lapack_install] Error 2
make[2]: *** [netlib] Error 2
*** Clean the OpenBLAS build with ‘make -C deps clean-openblas’. Rebuild with ‘make OPENBLAS_USE_THREAD=0’ if OpenBLAS had trouble linking, and with ‘make OPENBLAS_TARGET_ARCH=NEHALEM’ if there were errors building SandyBridge support. Both these options can also be used simultaneously. ***
make[1]: *** [scratch/openblas-85636ff1a015d04d3a8f960bc644b85ee5157135/build-compiled] Error 1
make: *** [julia-deps] Error 2

which cannot be solved (I tried the suggestions). I have MacOS 10.12.3, XCode 9.01 with all bits and bobs, gfortran is GNU Fortran 7.2.0 form homebrew.

I fail to understand what is going on


I was trying to build from source last night on Linux, and didn’t realize there was now a v0.6.1. But I had the same error.
I got around it by cloning, building, and installing OpenBLAS. Then returning to Julia, creatrf the file Make.user with the following lines:


as described in Linux troubleshooting. Even though you’re on a Mac, given that your error is in building OpenBLAS, if you can just get it on your system and then use system BLAS you should be fine.


because I am lazy, and I do mean it, I was wondering whether there is an option that does not require me to install my own OpenBLAS (or use OSX supplied one, assuming it supplies one), mostly because I would have to baby the darn thing forevermore rather than just clone the latest stable release and make. Do not get me wrong, I think you are suggesting a good fix, but let’s see if a less work approach comes up.


Try adding a Make.user file in the your julia directory after git checkout v0.6.1 and before running make containing just:


or if your Mac is super old, maybe:


instead. Presumably putting those options in the command line as suggested is equivalent, but maybe not?


I tried this (the other option has been already tried and does not work) and it did not work.


I gave up and went with the brew cast approach – life is too short for this kind of malarky.