Cannot add private repository from GitHub

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, I cannot add a private GitHub repository via Pkg.add(url=“…”), now that GitHub refuses the rsa format.
HTTPS asks for a username and password three times then fails.
I’ve seen the solution HERE, but I’m not sure how to implement export JULIA_PKG_USE_CLI_GIT=true and what to do next?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

What operating system and shell are you using?

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One option, which maybe isn’t officially the first recommendation, is to just clone the repo locally and do ]add /path/to/repo.


The password you need to provide is a personal access token, which you can create under the developer settings on GitHub. An alternative is to use VS Code and add the GitHub extension and sign in to it. Then it should let you add the package without authenticating.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the suggestions!

Solution: uninstall Julia 1.7.3, reinstall and BEFORE you run Julia create the startup.jl file with ENV[“JULIA_PKG_USE_CLI_GIT”]=true. Follow Github’s SSH key guide here, then exeucte the below:

using Pkg

I replicated the issue where the SSH key wasn’t working by starting Julia before creating the startup.jl file, but I’m not sure why… regardless, hopefully that helps and thanks for the suggestions everyone.

Thanks for the suggestion @hdavid16, I was already signed into VScode with the GitHub extension…, but I the environment variable is working!

Thanks for the suggestion @cgeoga! Are there issues with using this method and dockerizing Julia containers?