Can you use Gurobi's `ObjNRelTol` and `ObjNAbsTol`?


As for the subject. We’ve tried

MOI.set(grb, Gurobi.MultiObjectiveAttribute("ObjNRelTol", 0.001))

But we got

ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: MultiObjectiveAttribute not defined

We’re on Gurobi 0.11.5, which seems to be the latest, but our local MOI_multi_objective.jl looks nothing like the one on Github. Are we doing anything obviously wrong, or do we need to wait for a later release of Gurobi.jl?


I guess I forgot to “come back in a few days” for this: Prep for v1.0.0 by odow · Pull Request #505 · jump-dev/Gurobi.jl · GitHub

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Once I tag v1.0.0, it’ll be something like:

MOI.set(grb, Gurobi.MultiObjectiveAttribute(1, "ObjNRelTol"), 0.001)

Thanks Oscar!

And whoops, what you had was what we ended up at - looks I just pasted an old attempt.

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