Can you force CUDA to find an existing artifacts?

I tend to jump around projects a lot, most of which need the CUDA package. Everytime I “add CUDA” to my project and then go to use it, it always seems to download a new artifact. Is there anyway to force CUDA to look for a compatible install, so i don’t need to download the artifacts for each new project?

That shouldn’t happen, as long as you use the same depot (e.g. .julia) where artifacts are shared between them. Unless of course you’re using different versions of CUDA.jl, in which case different versions of the artifacts may be downloaded.

It is possible to opt out of the artifact system entirely by defining JULIA_CUDA_USE_BINARYBUILDER=false in your environment, but I don’t recommend that. It’s better to try and figure out why the artifacts are being downloaded again.

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