Can PythonCall / CondaPkg use custom channels?

I use Julia in a very restrictive corporate environment at work. For python packages, we must use Artifactory for both Conda and pip.

This means that for the conda command to work, I need a .condarc file which sets up the channels to be the internal ones, which act as proxies of sorts to the official anaconda and conda-forge servers.

I tried all three configuration scenarios in the PythonCall documentation, but it seems like CondaPkg was always reaching for the official conda-forge repository, so I wasn’t able to get anything going.

Is there a way to make CondaPkg respect my .condarc file or, alternatively, to configure custom channels to replace the defaults ones?

Didn’t see it in the docs either. @cjdoris ?

CondaPkg doesn’t have any direct means to override channels right now.

On the other hand, it also doesn’t override any global config, so env vars and rc files should work as normal (I think).

Just note that CondaPkg by default uses Micromamba not Conda, so you may need to configure it differently. Or set CondaPkg to use Conda if you already have it installed.