Can one capture what a command prints on the REPL in a variable of type String?

I want to display on a list of the packages I am using or importing. I know this command


wll print the list on the screen, but with other items I am not interested in. So I would like to capture what is printed on the screen as a string, clean it up, and then store it in a String variable.

I tried to do this

captured_string = "$(Pkg.status())"

but captured_string turned out to be the string “nothing.”

Is there a way to capture what is printed by this command?

Note: the question is not specific to Pkg.status(). I would like to be able to capture what is printed on the screen by any Julia command.

Try Suppressor.jl.


You can do this with sprint and any function that takes an I/O stream argument to print into.
For Pkg.status:

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Thanks. Exactly what I needed.