Can not use python package although conda status correct

Hello I am using PythonCall and I want to use library simpleitk, (in pure python it always works it is well established package) I added it to Conda.toml all installs but I am unable to load it using pyimport, any help would be higly appriciated!

CondaPkg Status /home/jakub/projects/MedPipe3D.jl-1/CondaPkg.toml
  itk v5.2.0
  monai v0.9.0
  python v3.9.13 (>=3.5,<4)
  seaborn v0.11.2
  simpleitk v2.1.0
Pip packages
  simpleitk v2.1.0

(MedPipe3D) pkg> conda resolve
    CondaPkg Dependencies already up to date

julia> pyimport("simpleitk")
ERROR: Python: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'simpleitk'
Python stacktrace: none
 [1] pythrow()
   @ PythonCall ~/.julia/packages/PythonCall/XgP8G/src/err.jl:94
 [2] errcheck
   @ ~/.julia/packages/PythonCall/XgP8G/src/err.jl:10 [inlined]
 [3] pyimport(m::String)
   @ PythonCall ~/.julia/packages/PythonCall/XgP8G/src/concrete/import.jl:11
 [4] top-level scope
   @ ~/projects/MedPipe3D.jl-1/src/playground.jl:15


my CondaPkg.toml

channels = ["anaconda", "conda-forge"]

itk = ""
seaborn = ""
simpleitk = ""
python = ">=3.5,<4"
monai = ""

simpleitk = ""

Try this instead:
julia> pyimport("SimpleITK")

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Fantastic Thanks !

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