Can not input a hundredth in Jupyter code cell

Hello, I’m skipping along nicely in Julia with Jupyter until I need to type a decimal with a 0, such as .01, .001, etc. I can get as far as .0 and then the kernel crashes. This problem persists regardless of restarting kernels, computer, or reloading either jupyterlab or IJulia.
To make things more interesting, the rest of the code in the cell vanishes. I can get it back if I switch the cell to raw, but never as code. Has anyone else ever had this issue?

It’s a bug in the CodeMirror editor that Jupyter uses. See (Underlying CodeMirror bug report: — the fix has been merged to CodeMirror, but Jupyter hasn’t been released yet with a newer version of CodeMirror as far as I can tell.)

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Yup, that’s it exactly. Thanks! I can use the leading 0 for now until there’s a Jupyter fix.