Can Metatheory.jl work functional equal to Prolog?

I’m rewriting a Reasoning System using Julia. The system has many rules written in Prolog, I want to use these existing prolog rules, because they are declarative and could make the whole system easy to debug it’s control mechanism without care much about its reasoning process.

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In theory.


Sounds like a warning (or a play of words).

yeah, the reasoning system does syllogism.
It has some rules like:

# two premises, one or more conclusions.
{M --> P, S --> M} |- S --> P  # deduction
{S --> M, M --> P} |- S --> P, P --> S, P <-> S  # exemplification
{S --> M, P --> M} |- (&,S,P) --> M

# translate into prolog style
infer(inheritance(S,M), inheritance(M,P), inheritance(S,P)).

I’m trying to replace Julog.jl with Metatheory.jl in the system that I’m rewritting in Julia.

Well, I think this might be over my head.


abstract type MyTerm end
struct Inheritance <: MyTerm

struct Similarity <: MyTerm

struct Word <: MyTerm

inheritance(a, b) = Inheritance([Word(a), Word(b)])
similarity(a, b) = Similarity([Word(a), Word(b)])

syllogism = @theory S M P begin
    inheritance(S, M) + inheritance(M, P) => inheritance(S, P)
    inheritance(S, M) + inheritance(M, P) => Inheritance([Word(P), Word(S)]);
    inheritance(S, M) + inheritance(M, P) => Similarity([Word(S), Word(P)]);
    # prolog-like
    infer(inheritance(S, M), inheritance(M, P)) --> similarity(P, S);
    # more rules ...

rewrite(:(inheritance(s, m) + inheritance(m, p)), syllogism)

Great! But it seems only rewrite once.

julia> rewrite(:(inheritance(s, m) + inheritance(m, p)), syllogism)
Inheritance(MyTerm[Word(:s), Word(:p)])

I need to learn more about Metatheory.jl ! :grinning:

You might be interested in this package:

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Yes,I’m using it in current project. Thx! :grin:

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