Can I use if statements in ParameterisedFunctions.jl? Is there a work around?

I am trying to check weather my Differential Equation implemented using DifferentialEquation.jl matches the results obtained in Matlab. I learnt I could do this by implementing the same differential equation using MATLABDiffEq.jl and ParameterisedFunctions.jl. My code contains several if-statements that look something like this:

function diffeq(du,u,p,t)
    if u[1]>0
        du[1]= u[1]+10
tspan= (0,1)
prob= ODEProblem(diffeq,u0,tspan,p)
sol= solve(prob, MATLABDiffEq.ode15s())

However, when I debug I notice that the u0 passed does not contain number but instead it is something like this.

I believe this is due to the metaprogramming capabilities of Julia. Because of which I get a type error in the if-statement

Blockquote TypeError: non-boolean (Num) used in boolean context

How do I go about this and implement my quite complex diff equation as a parameterised function?

Duplicate with a solution posted: