Can I @rput to RStudio server

I’ve just installed Julia 1.5.1 and R (v3.6.3) on a Codeanywhere container running Ubuntu 16.04.

I was happily surprised to find that RCall works beautfully, however I’m also running an instance of RStudio Server. over the browser on this container and am wondering if I can get RCall talking to RStudio’s instance of R so I can use @rput to send data from Julia to RStudio.

Too much to ask?

Possibly a question to put to RStudio server peeps, but I thought I would try here first.

Any tips greatly appreciated.


Where does @rput, “put” it’s data? How can I get Rstudio server to read it???

my guess is no; same apply for PyCall, you can’t use a Python REPL and then let PyCall use the same python kernel.

What you want is probably JuliaCall from R side if you rely on R heavily (e.g you want to do work in RStudio)

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