Can I force a vector to release its memory?

a = zeros(4000000000)
resize!(a, 0)
sizehint!(a, 0)
b = zeros(4000000000)
resize!(b, 0)
sizehint!(b, 0)
c = zeros(4000000000)
while true

I ran into OutOfMemoryError with the above program. My computer has 64GiB of RAM. According to, I was hoping that when I actually need to create c, a's and b's memory have been released instead of running out of memory. Calling gc() doesn’t help. Is there anything I can do to force Julia to release a's and b's memory? Thanks!

For what it’s worth, my computer also has 64 gigs, and was able to create c. (Although I didn’t check the swap, I didn’t notice creating c being any slower than the first two).

Did you try?

a = zeros(4000000000);
a = zeros(0);
b = zeros(4000000000);
b = zeros(0);
c = zeros(4000000000);

Oh, this does work. I check that it’s only consuming about 30GiB in the end which is expected when a's and b's memory is released. Thanks!

But I still wonder when sizehint! actually releases those memory.

IIRC, sizehint! is only used for growing capacity. It will not reduce capacity.

Oops, my info was out of date. Per, it appears that sizehint! can now shrink capacity.

Okay, so sizehint! should release memory on master, but not 0.6.2.