Can FunctionWrappers.jl express higher order functions?

I’m looking into FunctionWrappers.jl which provides functionality similar to function pointers in C and std::function in C++. Suppose a function accept two arguments, where the first argument has type Int, and the second argument is a function of signature Int → Int, e.g. x->x+1. Can I wrap the “outer” function in a type-stable manner? Since I need to specify the type signature of both the outer function and the inner function that appears as an argument, this seems impossible unless FunctionWrappers can be used in a nested manner?

Yup, that should just work, although admittedly the syntax is pretty verbose:

julia> using FunctionWrappers: FunctionWrapper

julia> g = FunctionWrapper{Int, Tuple{Int}}(x -> x + 1)
FunctionWrapper{Int64, Tuple{Int64}}(Ptr{Nothing} @0x00007fe8068f8700, Ptr{Nothing} @0x00007fe854eacb90, Base.RefValue{var"#9#10"}(var"#9#10"()), var"#9#10")

julia> f = FunctionWrapper{Int, Tuple{Int, FunctionWrapper{Int, Tuple{Int}}}}((y, g) -> g(y))
FunctionWrapper{Int64, Tuple{Int64, FunctionWrapper{Int64, Tuple{Int64}}}}(Ptr{Nothing} @0x00007fe8068f9b40, Ptr{Nothing} @0x00007fe854eacbb0, Base.RefValue{var"#11#12"}(var"#11#12"()), var"#11#12")

julia> f(1, g)

By the way, this overly verbose syntax is a great excuse to write a macro:

using MacroTools
using FunctionWrappers: FunctionWrapper

wrapperize(x) = esc(x)

function wrapperize(expr::Expr)
	if expr.head == :block
		return Expr(:block, wrapperize.(expr.args)...)
	elseif expr.head == :tuple
		return Expr(:tuple, wrapperize.(expr.args)...)
	elseif @capture(expr, (inputs__,) -> output_)
		return :(FunctionWrapper{$(wrapperize(output)), Tuple{$(wrapperize.(inputs)...)}})
	elseif @capture(expr, (input_) -> output_)
		return :(FunctionWrapper{$(wrapperize(output)), Tuple{$(wrapperize(input))}})
		error("I can only handle expressions of the form `(inputs...) -> output`")

macro fn(expr)


julia> @fn Int -> Int
FunctionWrapper{Int64, Tuple{Int64}}

julia> @fn (Int, Float64) -> Int
FunctionWrapper{Int64, Tuple{Int64, Float64}}

julia> @fn (Float64, Int -> Int) -> String
FunctionWrapper{String, Tuple{Float64, FunctionWrapper{Int64, Tuple{Int64}}}}