Can anyone suggest some package to built using CUDA.jl?

I am trying to learn CUDA with julia… Can any one suggest some packages that I can refer to learn CUDA with julia ?


As a really trivial example, this is built to run on CUDA, but it doesn’t depend on CUDA at all:

It does some work and is very careful to rewrap all the arrays as they are read from diskm, standardise the array types everywhere, and do everything with immutable objects. So passing in a CuArray means it runs on CUDA. Otherwise it just runs on CPU.

It’s an elegant solution if you can do it, but maybe only applies to pretty simple applications. GrowthMaps.jl is just nested broadcasts once the recursion inlines.

I’m sure others will have better applications that use more actual CUDA.

Lines like this are what makes it work - anywhere I use arraytype, or copy! on something that is already a CuArray is moving data to the GPU:

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Thanks for your reply… I will follow your code to learn CUDA with Julia
Thank You