Call for testers: new StatProfilerHTML package

I just released a tentative version of StatProfilerHTML, a package to format profiling data into a nicely explorable html format: GitHub - tkluck/StatProfilerHTML.jl: Show Julia profiling data in an explorable HTML page

From the README:

This module formats the output from Julia’s Profile module into an html rendering of the source function lines and functions, allowing for interactive exploration of any bottlenecks that may exist in your code.

Have a look at this example output, which is the result of profiling

using MultivariatePolynomials
@polyvar x y z
@profile (x + y + z)^120;

This module contains a fork of the rendering part of Mattia Barbon and Steffen Müller’s excellent
Devel::StatProfiler, which is a statistical profiler for Perl. As such, it depends on a few CPAN modules:


Future development intends to get rid of these dependencies.