Call for proposals: DataFrames.jl documentation

In cooperation with @vjd and Pumas AI I am glad to announce that DataFrames.jl that we are currently looking for a person who would be willing to work on improving the DataFrames.jl manual as this is an important area to improve the package before its 1.0 release.

If you would be interested to undertake this project please message @vjd + @nalimilan + me, preferably including links to PRs with your previous work on documentation of packages (also previous experience with working with DataFrames.jl is of course welcome).

We expect to pick one or two developer for this project (depending on the proposed scope of cooperation) that would work in cooperation with @nalimilan and me. As a part of this project, we also want to build a set of pharma field examples.

The work would be financially supported by Pumas AI (@vjd - thank you very much for generously offering to support this task).