[Call for Participation] 1st Enzyme Workshop February 22-24, Boulder CO (USA)

The details of the 1st Enzyme workshop are finally taking up shape with the workshop taking place from the 22nd-24th of February at CU Boulder, CO (USA). Are you already using Enzyme.jl in your application? Are you thinking of using Enzyme.jl for your Julia use-case, or do you have a (new) proposed use-case? Then we want to hear from you!

The CfP is live with the submission deadline on the 6th of January, and 5 main submission formats:

  • Technical Talks
  • Tutorials
  • Panel Discussions
  • Roundtables
  • Other formats such as live programming, or brainstorming sessions

We are all super excited to hear from you, about your use-cases, and are looking forward to see you in Boulder for an exciting, fast-paced workshop!


Hey! Just wanted to make the general comment that this is a really short turn around time, especially during the holidays.

Most of the workshop presentations are being recorded and currently available on the YouTube livestream:

EnzymeCon ~ Day 1 - YouTube .
EnzymeCon ~ Day 2 - YouTube.

Full schedule with abstracts and author names is now available here .

Wednesday, February 22

  • 12:15pm — Registration Starts
  • 1:15pm — Opening
  • 1:30pm — Session 1: Enzyme Applications
    • PSDR-Enzyme: Physics-Based Differentiable Rendering Using Enzyme
    • Automatic Differentiation in Solid Mechanics: Interpretation and Composition
    • Differentiating Large-Scale Finite Element Applications with MFEM
    • A Cross-Language Probabilistic Programming Protocol for Physics and Beyond
    • Numba-Enzyme: A Differentiable JIT-ed Python
  • 3:30pm — Cofee Break
  • 4:00pm — Enzyme Tutorial
  • 5:00pm — Hackathon and Spontaneous Roundtables

Thursday, February 23

  • 9:00am — Session 2: Lessons from AD Tools
    • A survey of Tapenade in contrast with Enzyme
    • NIFTy: The Why and How of Building AD from Scratch
    • AD with Integrals
  • 10:30am — Coffee Break
  • 11:00am — Roundtables
    • DJ4Earth: Oceans, ice sheets, adjoints, and AD
  • 12:00pm — Lunch
  • 1:30pm — Session 3: Enzyme in Modern Programming Languages
    • Accelerating Black Hole Imaging with Enzyme
    • Differentiable molecular simulation with Molly.jl
    • Adjoint Checkpointing using Custom Differentiation Rules
    • Oxide-Enzyme - Integrating Enzyme into the Rust compiler
  • 3:30pm — Coffee Break
  • 4:00pm — Session 4: Enzyme Extensions
    • Compilation Augmentation Enables High-Performance Batch Differentiation
    • Hackable Autodiff: Extending Enzyme to MLIR for Reverse Mode Gradients
    • Autodiff semantics and the level of abstraction
  • 5:30pm — Hackathon and Spontaneous Roundtables

Friday, February 24

  • 8:30am — Hackathon day