CAD in Julia?


Sorry to use this forum post… but that’s a bit about Julia and CAD. More exactly I wonder if there is currently a Julia library which support DXF (Drawing eXchange Format) ?
This is a vector format which is quite old but widely used for computer aided drawing.
I’m currently simply looking for a way to read from Julia a DXF file containing simply a 2D drawing and draw it to a window as bitmap.
An other step is to read a second DXF file, perform some basic transformations (rotate, move, scale) and draw it over previous window.
Ideally I would like to also be able to perform this on Linux framebuffer (ie without having a desktop environment installed).

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There is an option called Modia3D.jl

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You should have a look at too
Today is not presented as a geometry package . It comes from mech
But it contains a lot of things that can be used to build a geometry kernel in julia (starting from halfspace)

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Has anyone tried an approach to CAD that “extrudes” triangle faces from a rotating polygon? The approach seems to be quite general in that different shapes of rotating polygons generate a wide variety of different 3D meshes. I haven’t done it yet but I believe this approach can generate all the Platonic solids. (I’m in the early stages of documenting this approach in the 3D Modeling for the Blind essay.)