C/C++ interop workshop

Hi all,

I saw an announcement on Twitter that workshop proposals were still wanted for JuliaCon. Given the many recent changes to CxxWrap.jl I was thinking of proposing a workshop on how to “wrap” a C++ library for use in Julia, in the form of a tutorial where we go through the process completeley up to and including building a jll for distribution.

As @avik pointed out on Slack, it may be a good idea to combine it with other C/C++ tools, such as basic ccall use, clang.jl and maybe also Cxx.jl. So, the questions now:

  • Is there enough interest in these topics to justify having a workshop?
  • Is anyone interested in helping to organise this? (@Keno @Gnimuc ?)

Hi, at least I personally would be interested in a workshop around C/C++ at JuliaCon, if one will be organised!


For the record, @staticfloat and I submitted a proposal for a BinaryBuilder workshop


I would also like to attend this kind of workshop! Hopefully it can be arranged.

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Great! Of course I don’t intend to do an extensive overview of BinaryBuilder, but just focus on the special steps that are necessary for CxxWrap right now, such as downloading and unpacking Julia itself, and how to use an Overrides.toml to facilitate local development.


Is this happening? Either CxxWrap.jl or any other C++ interop workshop?


Yep, looks like it is happening :wink:



Some updates:

If you want to compile and develop natively on your own machine, it’s probably best to set everything up (including compiled libcxxwrap-julia) before the start of the workshop for maximum efficiency.

Possible alternatives are Docker or BinaryBuilder, but I still need to experiment with those myself. I’ll try to add instructions for that by Saturday at the latest.