Bumping minimum Julia version for a package

Is there a write-up of what a package author should do when bumping the minimum version of Julia in REQUIRE. My recollection is that when changing the minimum Julia version from, say, 0.5 to 0.6 one should

  • create a v0.5 branch in the repository from the last tag that works
  • add code specific to versions beyond 0.5 and tag at least a minor release

Anything else?

I’d add deleting all of the @compats and cross-version workarounds, but yeah that’s about it.

AFAIK you don’t even have to create a branch. All what is required is to bump a major release (except for versions before 1.0, where bumping x in 0.x is enough since that’s considered as a major release). If needed, the branch can always be created later.