Build Julia with Cygwin64 on Windows 10, julia-debug.exe is missing?

follow, on my magicbook (Intel Core i7-8550U), after almost 5 hours at least, done, BLAS and SuiteSparse cost most of time.

but only julia.exe under usr/bin, where is juila-debug.exe?

instructions are below:

make O=julia-win10x64 configure

echo 'XC_HOST = x86_64-w64-mingw32' > julia-win10x64/Make.user

make -C julia-win10x64

When you build from source, you normally don’t get the debug version.

after almost 5 hours at least

Note that if you can use -jN, for example make -C julia-win10x64 -j8, and it will build in parallel with 8 processes.

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make debug for debug version.