BUG Plots; pgfplotsx using twinx() ofsets the dates


I am using Plots;pgfplotsx() and the twinx() functionality and I want to report a bug that the dates are offset the dates as it can be seen in the figure.

It will be great if this bug can be fixt.

					DateTick2= Dates.format.(DateTick, "d u Y")
					Plots.bar!(Plot1, clim.Date[1:clim.N_Climate], clim.Pr[1:clim.N_Climate], color =:blue, colorbar=false, label= L"$ Pr \ [mm \ day^{-1}] $", legend=:topleft)
					Plots.bar!(Plot1, clim.Date[1:clim.N_Climate], clim.Pr_Through[1:clim.N_Climate], color =:cyan, colorbar=false, label= L"$ Pr_{through} \ [mm \ day^{-1}] $", ylabel=L"$ Precipitation \ Throughfall[mm] $")

					Plots.plot!(**twinx()**, clim.Date[1:clim.N_Climate], clim.Pet[1:clim.N_Climate], color =:green, colorbar=false, label= L"$ Pet_{int} $", ylabel=L"$Pet_{int} \ [mm \ day^{-1}] $", legend=:topright)
					Plots.plot!(Plot1, grid=false, size=(1000, 600), xrotation=rad2deg(pi/3), xticks=(DateTick, DateTick2), framestyle = :origin)
					Path = path.Plot_RainfallInterception * "_" * string(iSim) * ".svg"
					Plots.savefig(Plot1, Path)

This issue is already tracked: https://github.com/JuliaPlots/Plots.jl/issues/2071

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Thanks, therefore the problem will be solved shortly.

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