Bridging Slack's #Helpdesk and Discourse (Proposal, feedback welcome!)

I have taken that route before. Post something on Discourse and then complain in Slack a few hours later when I have no responses yet :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Is there any legit way for this icon image to be shown in a visually less aggressive manner? For example, image reads calmer.

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Yes, will update.

Update, bridge has been shut down indefinitely.


Thanks for all the effort and work you put in this experiment, Logan!


Thanks for your effort. Efforts like this contribute to Julia positive community culture


I would still be interested in invoking the bot manually to facilitate cross posting.

It’s definitely possible but I am weary of spending the time to set this up given the response from folks. I will revisit this mid next month after some current deadlines have passed.


What if we let certain experienced people on Slack push the content to Discourse when a thread is determined to be high quality? It can be done by assigning a special emoji. Additionally, it would be ideal if such “editors” has access to re-phrase the question in Discourse if necessary.

If we do that, it doesn’t even need to be restricted to #helpdesk channel. Any channel would work.

Of course, we need volunteers.

Cc: @logankilpatrick

Direct “chat logs” are fairly pointless to publish so you need someone to go through #helpdesk threads and summarize the question and answer in a good post. I think you would find it hard to find people that think that is a good use of their time. But the #helpdesk-bridged category is still there so you could try it out if you think it would be good for the community.