Both FileIO and HDF5 export "filename"


julia> using FileIO

julia> using HDF5

julia> WARNING: both HDF5 and FileIO export "filename"; uses of it in module Main must be qual
julia> filename
ERROR: UndefVarError: filename not defined

The filename in two libraries have different signatures. They should not have any clash I suppose? Why couldn’t they coexist?


I’m not sure it can be avoided. There are plenty of packages that will have similar but distinct capabilities and the terms are too common to avoid. If I’m using two different plotting packages because they are better at different things then I expect each to have a plot function. In that case I would then have to distinguish between the two.

PyPlot.plot() vs Gadfly.plot()

Have you tried FileIO.filename or HDF5.filename?


Yes I know FileIO.filename will work. I expect the system accept possible ambiguities, and show error only when there are ambiguous calls in runtime.