Blank subplot in Plots.jl

Is there a way to have a totally blank space in a subplot “slot” using Plots.jl? i.e. instead of plot(rand(10), layout=2), which gives a set of axes, labels, etc. for the second subplot, nothing would be shown in that space at all.

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This is perhaps not so elegant, but it works

p11 = plot(x,y,title="a. first",legend=false,color=:red)             #create subplot [1,1]
p12 = plot(x,log.(y),title="b. second",legend=false,color=:blue)     #create subplot [1,2]
p21 = plot(x,log.(y).^2,title="c. third",legend=false,color=:black)  #create subplot [2,1]
p22 = plot(legend=false,grid=false,foreground_color_subplot=:white)  #create subplot [2,2] to be blank

p1 = plot(p11,p12,p21,p22,layout=(2,2),size=(600,400))                  #set up subplots    


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That works for me, thanks.

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